At Sunny Ham Design, we create inviting and modern interiors that fully capture our client’s lifestyle.
We want our clients to experience life surrounded by the things that matter, so they can focus on the people that matter. We set the design vision and provide strong implementation, allowing our clients to move into a beautiful space where they feel happy and relaxed.
However, “beautiful” can’t be the only thing that drives the design, the functionality of how each user can navigate the space is also as important as the aesthetics.
We listen to our client’s needs and wants and come up with a design solution that can work both ways (Beauty & Function ).​
​There are so many things we love about our work, but above all, it’s this “we really believe great design lets us live the life that inspires us every day!”

About Sunny Ham​

She took her first interior design class during her sophomore year in high school as an elective and she fell in love with it.
She then went to the University of North Texas and obtained a BA degree in Interior Design and minored in Marketing.
After graduating college, she worked for one of the top architectural firms in Dallas and designed some of the most well-known big-box retail stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and JCPenney.
She started Sunny Ham Design in 2010 and began to work on residential as well as commercial projects.


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